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Click-II is a medium format film viewfinder camera manufactured by Agfa Kamerawerk AG, Munich, Germany and produced between 1959-70.

The Click was yet another cheap Agfa camera designed for the Lomography. With its one speed shutter and few option it was never intended to be anything else than this. Unlike it’s 6×9 brother the Clack it was completely constructed out of plastic making it quite vulnerable for damage, if you drop a Click it will most likely break. The main differences between the Clack and the Click is the lens, the Clack has a lens of f11 – f16 while the Click has a f8.8 -f11 lens. Other differences are the fact that the Click II is 6×6 camera (opposed to the 6×9 of the Clack) and thus is a little more economic. The Click II also lacks a socket for a cable release and it’s a mystery why Agfa decided to drop this feature. The results of the Click II are not bad for such a cheap camera.

The other camera in the Click line is Agfa Click-I.


  • Film: 120 roll, picture size 6x6cm
  • Focusing: fixed focus, 4m to inf.
  • Viewfinder: simple Galilei
  • One shutter speed, about 1/30
  • Lens: Achromat 72.5mm f/8.8; downs to f/11
  • Aperture settings: cloudy and sunny setting ikons on the lens-shutter barrel; switchable lens proves 2.5-4m close-up taking
  • Tripod mounting screw on base plate
  • Connection pins for the Agfa Clibo flash unit
  • The bend back cover plays a role as a film pressure plate and provides for a steady and good sharpness
  • Body: plastic

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